How to Pack Shipping Container for Redistribution/Patient Transfers (J82 Shipping Containers)

This job aid illustrates how to prepare a shipping container containing 1-8 RBC units for redistribution purposes or shipping blood with a patient.

Plasma Protein Product Acceptable Shipping and Storage Requirements

Updated October 2023

IM.006 Shipping Blood Components Using J82/E38 Shipping Containers SOP

Revised 2023

IM.006F1 Inter-hospital Redistribution Form

Revised 2023

IM.011 Shipping Blood Components/Products Using MTS Shipping Containers

Revised 2023

IM.011F Materials/Devices Pre-Conditioning Log for Redistribution

Revised 2023

IM.012 Shipping Frozen Blood Components using J82 Shipping Containers SOP

Revised 2023

Disinfecting Shipping Containers Used For Redistribution

A general protocol for cleaning/disinfecting shipping containers and shipping materials used for redistribution of blood components and products (May 2020)

IM.006F2 Shipping Address Labels

Revised 2022

Packing Configuration of J82/E38 Shipping Containers