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Provincial Redistribution Program for Transfusion Services in Ontario

This comprehensive toolkit provides resources to help Transfusion Services successfully implement the Ontario Redistribution Program. Examples of documents and tools are included. Revised 2021

How to Pack Shipping Container for Redistribution/Patient Transfers (J82 Shipping Containers)

This job aid illustrates how to prepare a shipping container containing 1-8 RBC units for redistribution purposes or shipping blood with a patient.

Plasma Protein Product Acceptable Shipping and Storage Requirements

IM.006 Shipping Blood Components Using J82/E38 Shipping Containers SOP

Revised 2021

IM.006F1 Inter-hospital Redistribution Form

Revised 2021

IM.011 Shipping Blood Components/Products Using MTS Shipping Containers

Revised 2021

IM.011F Materials/Devices Pre-Conditioning Log for Redistribution

Revised 2021

IM.012 Shipping Frozen Blood Components using J82 Shipping Containers SOP

Revised 2021

Disinfecting Shipping Containers Used For Redistribution

A general protocol for cleaning/disinfecting shipping containers and shipping materials used for redistribution of blood components and products (May 2020)

Annual Shipping Container Temperature Verification Report

Temperature verification data for the shipping containers used in the Provincial Redistribution Program for Transfusion Services in Ontario.