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Provincial Massive Hemorrhage Toolkit

Provincial Massive Hemorrhage Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit was developed to provide guidance for Ontario hospitals in the implementation of Ontario’s Recommendations for Massive Hemorrhage Protocol. The toolkit addresses select patient populations and differences in hospital sizes, resources and geographical challenges.

Released April 30, 2021

Transfusion Checklist Poster

This one page poster details the essential steps to ensure blood is administered safely. This document can be downloaded, printed and edited to suit your specific hospital policies. June 2021 […]

Ontario IVIG Infusion Guide and Adverse Reaction Chart

This resource provides health care practitioners involved in the infusion of IVIG with evidence informed, best practice guidance. For each IVIGbrand, an infusion rate table (mL/kg/hour) based on the product […]

November 2022

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Transfusion Related Roles for Nursing Officers

Maj Amy Godwin, RN
Blood Program Manager
Canadian Armed Forces

CAF Nursing Officer Transfusing
CAF Nursing Officer Transfusing

Canadian Armed Forces Nursing Officers are licensed Registered Nurses employed in various domains of nursing including direct patient care, clinical training, personnel management and strategic polic [...]

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University of Toronto Transfusion Medicine Rounds - February 23, 2023

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