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Transfusion Checklist Poster

Transfusion Checklist Poster

This one-page poster details the essential steps to ensure blood is transfused safely. It is the summary of the BEBA version 3 Handbook. The document can be downloaded, printed, or edited to your hospital specific policies.

June 2021 Version 1.0

Blood Transfusion: Information for Patients, v4.1

Blood Transfusion: Information for Patients, v4.1

Revised: February 2024

This document offers patients and families basic information about blood transfusion. It may be used to facilitate informed consent discussions.

Hospitals can download, customize and print the double sided one-pager document for distribution. The document is available in English and French.

Ontario IVIG Infusion Guide and Adverse Reaction Chart

Ontario IVIG Infusion Guide and Adverse Reaction Chart

This resource provides health care practitioners involved in the infusion of IVIG with evidence informed, best practice guidance. For each IVIG brand, an infusion rate table (mL/kg/hour) based on the product monograph recommendations and patient weight increments is provided. As well, an IVIG specific adverse reactions chart with suggested actions, treatments, and strategies to mitigate is included.

Version 3.0 March 10, 2022

June 2024

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  • Lessons Learned from a Multi-Code Event
  • Code Grey – Cyber Attack – Lessons Learned – You Can Survive!
  • Highlighting the 19th Annual ORBCoN/ CBS Transfusion Medicine Educational Symposium and Workshop
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Lessons Learned from a Multi-Code Event

Deborah Flowers, MLT, Charge Technologist Transfusion Medicine, EORLA

Most medical laboratory professionals are accustomed to the constant codes that sound overhead. On October 27, 2023, the Ottawa Hospital General Campus called an unprecedented Code Red, Code Orange and Code Grey, all within a few hours. Our team worked extremely well together under stress and solved emerging problems quickly, but could things have gone better? More importantly [...]

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