Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

The standard CAN/CSA-Z902-20 Blood and Blood Components provides requirements for facilities that collect, process, store, and use human blood and blood components for transfusion. It addresses issues of safety and efficacy for recipients, and safety for facility personnel and others who are exposed to or potentially affected by blood and blood components. To view (public access) or buy please go to: and create an account or login if you already have an account.

Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine (CSTM)

The Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine is a multidisciplinary society which promotes and supports best practice in Transfusion Medicine through education, communication and partnerships. CSTM Standards for Hospital Transfusion Services (Originally version 5 was published Dec 2021, revised ver 5 was published Dec 2022) is available to all members of CSTM or for purchase to non-CSTM members.

For Ontario Hospitals only – please contact us at

Health Canada Guidance Document – Blood Regulations

Under the Food and Drugs Act, the Health Canada Blood Regulations introduce specific requirements for blood components and products intended for transfusion. The guidance document provides information for hospitals to aid in compliance with these requirements (modified February 2023).

Accreditation Canada Diagnostics (formerly IQMH)

Accreditation to ISO 15189 by Accreditation Canada (AC) Diagnostics is a mark of excellence recognized around the world. We assess the ability of a facility to perform medical testing or the collection of specimens with formal recognition of this competence through accreditation to our ISO 15189 Plus™ requirements. It also provides facilities with the tools they need to standardize their processes, address diminishing resources and set a quality benchmark.