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Blood Shortage Toolkit

Ontario Hospital Toolkit for Emergency Blood Management

This toolkit is provided to assist hospitals in raising awareness for contingency planning to address blood shortages and with the development of your own facility specific blood shortage management plans. […]

Generic Hospital Emergency Blood Management Plan

This tool provides a template that can be used by hospitals to develop their HEBMP. This tool was provided in the first version of the Toolkit. A revision log has […]

Notification of Blood Shortage Memo Templates

To aid in notification of internal hospital staff as well as patients who might be affected by a blood shortage, these memo templates are provided to hospitals to incorporate into their HEBMP.

Documentation Logs

These tools are provided as templates for hospitals to incorporate into their HEBMP to ensure documentation of decisions regarding reduction, deferral or cancellation of blood order requests resulting from a blood shortage.

Notification Worksheet

Having a prepared list of contact names and information prepared before the event occurs will facilitate and shorten response time for notification of internal hospital personnel. This template is intended to be a guide and must be customized at each hospital as required.

HEBMC Terms of Reference

An example of a Hospital Emergency Blood Management Committee Terms of Reference.

How to Respond in a Blood Shortage – Information for Physicians

How to Respond in a Blood Shortage – Information for Nurses

How to Respond in a Blood Shortage – Information for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT)