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Inventory Management – General

Inventory Calculator for Red Cells

A tool for hospitals to use to perform a very quick estimate of what their ideal RBC inventory levels should be. By entering your annual number of RBC units transfused (for the most current year), an estimate of average daily use will be calculated by the formula locked in to the table.  

By entering the disposition information reported into the CBS disposition portal for your hospital into this calculator, you can determine your green, amber and red phase inventory levels. If your hospital is able to report disposition to CBS by ABO/Rh, then ABO proportion calculation will be based on what is actually transfused at your site. If your site does not report by ABO/Rh then your ABO proportion will be calculated based on current Canadian population probabilities for ABO/Rh.

Inventory Calculator for Platelets

This tool will serve as a broad estimate of the suggested levels if stock is held on site.

Maximum Surgical Blood Order Schedule (MSBOS) Development Tool

The maximum surgical blood order schedule (MSBOS) is a tool for transfusion services, surgical services, and anesthesia to predict blood utilization based on historical experience within an institution. The MSBOS […]

Inventory Management Toolkit

This comprehensive toolkit provides hospitals with resources to help Transfusion Medicine Services develop or improve upon inventory management programs. Examples of documents and tools for inventory management are included. Revised […]

Calculating Blood Inventory Levels

Calculating your Blood Component Inventory. How do you decide your ideal stock levels?