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Resources for Technologists

Special Blood Requirements Toolkit

Version 3: Jan 2021 This toolkit was developed for hospitals to help provide patients with some key information to facilitate the provision and communication of special blood component requirements to other healthcare facilities that may be involved in a patient’s treatment. The toolkit contains both procedures and templates that can be customized by each hospital as […]

Patient Fact Sheet – Irradiated Blood

Version 3: Jan 2021

Patient Fact Sheets – Red Blood Cells (RBC) Antibodies

Version 3: Jan 2021

Disinfecting Shipping Containers Used For Redistribution

A general protocol for cleaning/disinfecting shipping containers and shipping materials used for redistribution of blood components and products (May 2020)

Provincial Redistribution Program for Transfusion Services in Ontario

This comprehensive toolkit provides resources to help Transfusion Services successfully implement the Ontario Redistribution Program. Examples of documents and tools are included.

Bloody Easy Tech Assessments

A series of tests intended to provide Medical Laboratory Technologists in Ontario with a mechanism to assess and build on their technical and theoretical knowledge in Transfusion Medicine. Registration through an assigned site administrator is required. Tests are updated each year. A certificate is available for printing once the test has been completed and passed.

Bloody Easy Audits

Bloody Easy Audit Tools are a package of online tools to help Ontario hospitals in their audit activities. Current audits available: Frozen Plasma Audit, Bedside Audit, Specimen Collect Audit and IVIG Audit. Audit results can be entered electronically into these tools to store and track results. Prepared reports can be printed to aid in presentation […]

Introducing a New Blood Component or Product to Your Hospital

The purpose of developing this toolkit is to facilitate the introduction of new blood products is to support Ontario hospitals in the transition of making new blood products available within their organizations. This toolkit includes checklists and suggestions to assist in the examination of key aspects prior to implementation, during implementation and afterwards. Revised 2018.

Bloody Easy 4 Flipbook

Bloody Easy 4 Flipbook

This flipbook is viewable on any desktop PC, smartphone or tablet.  It features a linkable table of contents and search functionality enabling users to find content quickly and easily.

Bloody Easy Coagulation Simplified, second edition     Handbook

Bloody Easy Coagulation Simplified, second edition Handbook

This handbook provides practical information on coagulation. It is designed to enhance the knowledge of physicians, nurses and medical laboratory technologists about the basics of coagulation from laboratory testing to anticoagulant drugs and management of bleeding disorders.