ORBCoN Tech Assess

The ORBCoN Technologist Assessment program is available on the ORBCoN Learning Management System (LMS) which runs on the Surge Learning platform. Original Version February 2021, questions, rationale and references as written.

The ORBCoN Tech Assess eLearning program is an electronic learning tool with Transfusion Medicine related questions in both Basic (11 modules) and Advanced levels (12 modules). These questions are intended to provide Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) in Ontario with a mechanism to assess and build on their technical and theoretical knowledge in Transfusion Medicine. There is also an additional Dispensary module that is intended for those facilities that act as a Blood and Blood Product dispensary site with limited laboratory functionality.

ORBCoN LMS – If your facility is interested in accessing the ORBCoN Tech Assess program on the ORBCoN LMS, please contact alison.wendt@sunnybrook.ca and provide the name for site administrator.

Surge Learning clients – If your site currently uses Surge Learning as an internal LMS platform, please reach out to your hospital Surge Learning administrator to be set up as the ORBCoN Tech Assess site administrator to access the program.