Provincial Massive Hemorrhage Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit was developed to provide guidance for Ontario hospitals in the implementation of Ontario’s Recommendations for Massive Hemorrhage Protocol. The toolkit addresses select patient populations and differences in hospital sizes, resources and geographical challenges.

Released April 30, 2021


Patient Transport [Download]
Damage Control Resuscitation (DCR) [Download]
Multi-disciplinary Staff Team [Download]
Communications [Download]
Laboratory Tests [Download]
Temperature Control [Download]
Transfusion Medicine / Coagulation Laboratory [Download]
Education [Download]
Patient / Family Social Support [Download] [Download Letter for MHP Patients and their Families]
Quality [Download]
Pediatric [Download]

Appendix – Pediatric

A: Pediatric Algorithms | Large / Academic Hospital Setting | Community / Smaller Hospital Setting
B. Pediatric Dosing Table for Blood and Products
C. Administering Fluids to Pediatric Patients
D. Tips to Reduce Heat Loss
E. MHP Checklist / Handover Tool | Definitive Care Setting | Non-Definitive Care Setting
F. Blood Cooler / Pack Labels
G: Pediatric Simulation Scenario and Observational Tool

Appendix – Adult

A: Implementation Checklist
B: Adult Algorithms | Large / Academic Hospital Setting | Community/Smaller Hospital Setting
C: MHP Checklist / Handover Tool | Definitive Care Setting | Non-Definitive Care Setting | Obstetrical Care Setting
D: Transfusion Packs
E. Tips for Product Dosing
F: Tips for Anticoagulant Reversal
G: Approach to Patients with Bleeding Disorders
H: CritiCall Ontario Guidelines for Physicians and Hospitals
I: FactorFirst: Guidelines for Emergency Management of Hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease
J: Simulation Tabletop Scenarios | Trauma Case | GI Bleed Case with example of Simulation Debrief Guide | Simulation Observational Tool


Provincial Massive Hemorrhage Toolkit
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