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What’s new with TRALI? 

Presented by Dr. Matthew Yan  December 13, 2023

2023 Intravenous albumin: giving it for the right reason and the right way

Jeannie Callum, BA, MD, FRCPC
Krista Wood, RN, MPA

2023 Anaphylactic Transfusion Reactions

Farzana Tasmin, MBBS, MPH, MLT

Access the additional questions here

2023 Epoetin Alfa The Who, What, When, and Why?

Barbara Last, RN

2023 To Transfuse Or Not To Transfuse For Patients Sickle Cell Disease

Jacob Pendergrast, MD, FRCPC
Karen Fleming, CNS, MN, MSHS

2023 Solvent Detergent Plasma: Is this Washed Plasma or …

Donna Berta, RN, BScN  

You can’t improve what you don’t measure

QI metrics for MHP Presented by: Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak & MHP Quality Metrics Data (Pilot Study Findings) Presented by: Dr. Daniel Roque

November 23, 2023

Data Entry User Guide

The Immune Globulin Quality Improvement Project Data Entry User Guide is a resource provided to help hospital participants enter their IG data from the Ministry of Health Immune Globulin request form into the REDCap database built for this project.
Version 4 September 2023

2023 September Fibrinogen Concentrate & Prothrombin complex concentrate: Transfusionists Concentrate On…

Donna Berta, RN, BScN

Access Fibrinogen Concentrate Summary here

Access Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Summary here

Antiplatelet Therapy and Intracranial Hemorrhage: Is There Any Role for Platelet Transfusion?

Presented by Oksana Prokopchuk-Gauk, MD FRCPC DRCPSC

October 26, 2023