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Resources for Nurses

TML Basics: ABO, Rh(D) Compatibility; Group & Screen; Crossmatch

Melanie Tokessy, MLT – November 2020

RBC’s, Platelets, Plasma: W5 (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and How

Donna Berta RN BScN – November 2020

Transfusion Reactions: Identifying and Providing Patient Care

Widad Abdulwahab, RN BScN MN – November 2020

What’s New: A Provincial Massive Hemorrhage Protocol

Dr. Allison Collins MD FRCPC – November 2020

MHP Implementation Checklist

A checklist for Ontario hospitals to guide massive hemorrhage protocol implementation.

Massive Hemorrhage Protocol e-learning module: Training slides for Nurses

This educational module will review the role of the Nurse during an MHP but could also be used for Anesthesia Assistants and others where appropriate.

Bloody Easy Blood Administration *eLearning

Bloody Easy Blood Administration is an electronic learning tool that was developed with input from RN’s, Transfusion Safety Officers and Transfusion Personnel across Ontario. The content reflects current best practices.

Bloody Easy Blood Administration Version 2                                * Handbook

Bloody Easy Blood Administration Version 2 * Handbook

This booklet is ideal for nurses or health care professionals administering blood. It provides an overview of blood and blood products, the risks associated with them, and how they should be administered. This booklet is the companion to the online course “Bloody Easy for Nurses”.

MHP Infographic

Released August 2019

MHP Statements

Release date September 6, 2019