November 2019

In this issue: Code Orange – Simulation to Real Life, On the Road to a Massive Hemorrhage Protocol (MHP): Updated October, 2019.

October 2019

In this issue: Principal Findings in ORBCoN Platelet Utilization Audit, “Platelets – The Sticky Truth and why it matters to you!” 2019 Annual Videoconference Report

September 2019

In this issue: Should Group A Plasma Be Used in MHPs, Evening Symposium – Choosing Plasma Wisely: When and When Not to Use Plasma

June 2019

In this issue: The Second Sample – Blood Group Checks So You Can Catch Some ZZZZs, The Top Ten Hospital Issues Identified at Annual ORBCoN/CBS Hospital Site Visits from 2018-19, Provincial Redistribution Check-Up

May 2019

In this issue: Platelet Inventory Management: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Platelet Outdates, The Ontario Immune Globulin Screening Pilot (IGSP) for Neurology

April 2019

In this issue: The Top Transfusion-Related Non-Conformances Identified in 2018, Ontario AB Plasma Audit 2018 -How is AB Plasma Used?

March 2019

In this issue: Quality Improvement Initiatives and their Effect on Red Blood Cell and Frozen Plasma Utilization Rates, Conserving the Supply of Type O Rh Negative Red Cells: What is the Maximum Age of Child-bearing Potential in Ontario Women?

February 2019

In this issue: Fibrinogen Replacement – What is the Latest News?, On the Road to a Massive Hemorrhage Protocol (MHP): Updated February 2019, Q&A: Discharge information sheet –What post-transfusion reaction information should I include in a discharge information sheet for patients?

January 2019

In this issue: Canadian Blood Services’ Hospital Disposition Reporting, Bloody Easy Tech Assess: Advanced – If you got these wrong too, you were not alone (again!)!, Q&A: Question about target INRs when treating coagulopathic patients with frozen plasma or prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC)

December 2018

In this issue: Ontario Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System (TTISS-ON) Bloody Easy Tech Assess: Basic – If you got this one wrong, you were not alone!