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ORBCoN 2022-23 Year Overview 

Tracy Cameron, MLT, Regional Manager ORBCoN NE

The Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN) is a program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH) to support the provincial blood utilization strategy using the following five strategic goals:

  1. Utilization of blood components and products
  2.  Educational Resources 
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Communication
  5. Quality & Safety

ORBCoN, as a program, strives to continually improve the management and utilization of blood components and products in the province of Ontario to ensure that transfusion related patient care is safe, effective, and provincial resources are utilized appropriately and efficiently. ORBCoN’s mission and vision are executed through our five strategic goals while maintaining the network’s core values: accountability, leading practice, collaboration, quality, and patient safety. 

Figure 1: ORBCoN 2022/23 Workplan deliverables

The 2022-23 work plan submitted to the MOH in September 2021, listed 113 high-level deliverables across the different ORBCoN goal categories. Deliverables have been categorized as projects, tasks, programs, events and other as outlined in figure 1.

ORBCoN has made significant progress in implementing the 2020 recommendations of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario (OAGO) on Immune Globulin Utilization. One of these accomplishments is piloting an online MOH IG Request form to collect data on IG utilization-related variables.

ORBCoN is actively collaborating with data strategy partners through its participation in the provincial data strategy sub-committee to address access to data for measuring key indicators in Transfusion Medicine.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, ORBCoN successfully organized six educational events, consisting of two live events and four online events. The tech assessment eLearning program was redeveloped and launched. Bloody Easy 5 handbook was published, and the patient pamphlet was reviewed, updated and published. The 1st “Transfusionist Talk” webinar series was broadcasted.

Figure 2: Bloody Easy 5.1 Handbook
Figure 3: Provincial Redistribution 2022/23

ORBCoN focused on contingency planning, monitoring outdate rates, and redistribution (figure 3) throughout the fiscal year of 2022-23. Red cell outdate rates continued to be very low through the pandemic even though the variability in demand fluctuated.

By leveraging the transfusion Ontario website, ORBCoN’s twitter and LinkedIn accounts, along with the annual site visits, ORBCoN continues to foster efficient and interconnected communication framework, ensuring transparency and timely information to stakeholders. Figure 4 shows how ORBCoN is using social media to provide timely information to stakeholders.

Figure 4: Social Media Channel Engagement

ORBCoN continued its commitment to achieving its quality and safety goals and is working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to improve optimal frozen plasma utilization. The Bedside audit tool was rebuilt and piloted in preparation for the provincial audit. ORBCoN’s clinical coordinators began providing presentations

to healthcare providers in person again post pandemic at a few sites, and reviews of non conformances from Health Canada and from Accreditation Canada – Diagnostics reports continued.

ORBCoN would like to thank all our stakeholders and collaborators again this year for all the support in developing, implementing, and reviewing our resources that help ensure safe transfusions within Ontario


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