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December 2020

Toolkit Updates:

Bloody Easy Blood Administration eLearning

Bloody Easy Lite

Massive Hemorrhage Protocol

Tech Assess

November 2020

Canadian Obstetrical Pediatric Transfusion Network (COPTN) 2018 Survey – Ontario Highlights

Administering RhIG: Vital Signs and Patient Monitoring

October 2020

Alternatives to Transfusion:
Why Transfuse Blood When You Can Make Your Own?
Using Blood Wisely – Will Your Hospital Take the Challenge?

September 2020

ORBCoN Year in Review, revamped Bloody Easy Lite toolkit, details about the upcoming MHP toolkit, Tech Assess updates, and a new website!

June 2020

In this issue: National Blood Donor Week, new updates to transfusionontario.org, bleeding risk assessment for bedside and interventional radiology guided procedures: Consensus guidelines and beyond

May 2020

In this issue: Hospital Blood Component Inventory issues During COVID-19 Pandemic; Convalescent Plasma in the Treatment for COVID-19; Introducing the Ontario Immunoglobulin Treatment Program.

April 2020

In this issue: FAQ: COVID-19 and the Blood Transfusion Laboratory, the need for donations during COVID-19, and conserving the supply of type O Rh-negative red cells

March 2020

In this issue: Learn more about measles PEP, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, and get the red blood cell utilization results from the Cornwall Community Hospital

February 2020

In this issue: Choosing Wisely at Georgian Bay General Hospital, Vanessa’s Law: New mandatory Health Canada reporting requirements for hospitals, Survey Results of Quality Improvement Initiatives in Transfusion Medicine

January 2020

In this issue: An Update: Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System, Patient Blood Management