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Resources for Physicians

Bloody Easy Coagulation Simplified, second edition     Handbook

Bloody Easy Coagulation Simplified, second edition Handbook

This handbook provides practical information on coagulation. It is designed to enhance the knowledge of physicians, nurses and medical laboratory technologists about the basics of coagulation from laboratory testing to anticoagulant drugs and management of bleeding disorders.

Informed Consent Card

Informed consent information is available in convenient lanyard tag pocket card format. This is an aid for physicians providing information to patients for informed consent, as well for transfusionists administering blood transfusions. This resource is available in hard copy, visit the Resource tab to order. Revised 2017.

Choosing Wisely Canada Transfusion Recommendation Videos

Led by project director Dr. Clinton Campbell and developed with funding from Canadian Blood Services’ BloodTechNet program, a series of short, entertaining and informative animated videos presenting the Choosing Wisely Canada transfusion recommendations.