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Resources for Midwives Version 2

This toolkit is designed to provide all Ontario midwives with a resource that outlines the process of RhIG administration and includes templates and documents that may be used to ensure that national and provincial standards for blood product transportation, storage, and administration are met. This toolkit may be used in its entirety or may be modified as needed based on existing protocols and systems already used by Midwife Practice Groups and their local hospitals.

The toolkit also contains information for midwives and their clients about the rationale for the use of RhIG, and information about weak D and anti-D, both passive and immune. Other immunohematology topics of interest to midwives are also covered, and references provided. This toolkit will undergo a formal review in 3 years’ time. Any changes to the resource will be communicated through our “What’s New”. Comments are welcomed and appreciated. Updated March 2017


Resources for Midwives Version 2
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