Resources for Patients

Information on Pathogen Reduced Pooled Platelets: Information sheet for patients

Information sheet describing the changes to the platelet product for patients

Blood Transfusion: Information for Patients, v4 Short Version, customizable PDF

Revised: November 2022

Note: This version is designed for hospital printing and is not available to order in hardcopy from ORBCoN. 

This one-pager pamphlet was developed for patients and families in order to provide basic information on blood transfusion and to help patients make informed decisions regarding their treatment options with the option to add your site’s logo.

My First Transfusion

My First Transfusion

Illustrated children’s book outlining what you need to know about getting blood.

Patient Fact Sheets – Red Blood Cells (RBC) Antibodies

Version 3: Jan 2021

Patient Fact Sheet – Weak or Partial D (Rh) Type

Version 3: Jan 2021

Patient Fact Sheet – Irradiated Blood

Version 3: Jan 2021

Fact Sheet for IVIG Outpatients

A brief fact sheet for outpatients that help them to understand the risks, benefits and possible side effects of receiving Intravenous Immune Globulin. Version 2.0 October 31, 2015.