Perinatal Consensus Conference 2022

Information on Pathogen Reduced Pooled Platelets

Neonatal and Pediatric Transfusion

Paula Carroll MLT BSc MHS – November 2021

2021 Transfusion Medicine Boot Camp for Nurses

Session 1: Blood Administration
Session 2: Transfusion Reactions

Essentials of an MHP

Laura Aseltine, October 2021

Informed Consent: Information for Patient Dialogue

Transfusion adverse events or risks can be characterized as: common but not life threatening, seriousand life threatening requiring some prevention/treatment measures, and rare with life altering effects.A synopsis is provided in the table below (for inclusive transfusion risk details, refer toBloody Easy Blood Administration version 3 , pages 118-9).

Are you a small hospital in Ontario?

Dr. Pendergrast provides considerations for small hospitals in regards to the provincial massive hemorrhage protocol.

Recent Hacking Attempt

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16th Annual TM Education Web Conference

April 14 2021 at 9:00 am – 4:00 pm GAME, SET, MATCH:  FINDING BLOOD FOR DIFFICULT TO MATCH PATIENTS CBS/ORBCoN Wet Workshop Review Session CBS/ORBCoN 16th Annual TM Education Webconference

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