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Bloody Easy Lite Module 1&2 (SCORM 1.2)

These files are intended for learning management systems. For those wanting to complete the online version of Bloody Easy Lite, please see the web-based version.

As per Accreditation Canada standard 4.3, each hospital must have a formal program to maintain team members’ competence that includes evaluating their theoretical and practical knowledge on transfusion services. The competency assessment program applies to all team members, including prescribing physicians. 

This online learning program consists of 2 modules – Indications for Blood Transfusion and Transfusion Reactions. The program also includes a pre-test and post-test(s) to assess knowledge retention. 

The program can be uploaded to a hospital’s learning management system (LMS). Please complete the form below to obtain the SCORM compliant files.  You will be required to read/agree to the “Terms of Use” and to provide a “site administrator” for your site so that ORBCoN is able to obtain participation/utilization statistics on an annual basis.

For hospital sites that are utilizing the Surge Learning LMS platform, the program will be available by contacting your Surge Learning administrator. 

For any additional information regarding the Bloody Easy Lite eLearning program please feel free to contact Troy Thompson at troy.thompson@sunnybrook.ca


Bloody Easy Lite Module 1&2 (SCORM 1.2)

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