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Bloody Easy Lite Learning Modules 1 & 2

Barbara Dawson, Assistant, Chief of Staff & Medical Staff Office, PSFDH
On behalf of the Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital

Bloody Easy Lite consists of two educational modules offered through the Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN) using Surge Learning Systems, for physicians and healthcare professionals who prescribe blood and blood components or blood products. “As per Accreditation Canada standard 4.3, each hospital must have a formal program to maintain team members’ competence that includes evaluating their theoretical and practical knowledge on transfusion services.”

In January 2022, following discussions at the Medical Quality Assurance Committee, and further by the Medical Advisory Committee, it was decided to incorporate this as a mandatory requirement into the reappointment process. It is now mandatory that all professional staff seeking reappointment complete Bloody Easy Lite Modules 1 and 2 every two years.

At the Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital (PSFDH), it is recognized that physician time is in demand which can impact completion and compliance so with careful planning, a supporting timeline was created that begins with awareness of the mandatory requirement through to completion.

If the mandatory education has not been completed by the time of reappointment, a physician’s reappointment application will not be renewed. Work on this process begins as early as five to six months in advance of the reappointment process.

To support the process, PSFDH provides the physicians with all of the necessary tools and supports to complete the online education and training such as basic “how to” instructions and e-Learning Guide. Reminders about upcoming deadlines for completion and submitting reappointment applications are provided throughout this period.

At PSFDH, we have found that persistence and patience in follow-up efforts allow for amazing success in achieving 100% compliance. PSFDH has an engaged physician group who appreciates the necessity to complete the education to not only safeguard the physicians and the patients under their care, but to support the accreditation process for the hospital organization.

Dr. Tom Morell, Chief of Staff, PSFDH, acknowledges the work of the Medical Staff Office and the physician group in accomplishing the achievement of 100% compliance. “It did not happen overnight. The team considered the critical need to complete the education. We found that with the proper engagement, all physicians recognized that the overall quality and safe care provided to our patients is everyone’s responsibility.”

Featured Resource

New! Patient Pamphlet Video

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new video, which complements our “Blood Transfusion: Information for Patients” document. Our goal with these resources is to provide patients with basic information about transfusions of blood components and products.This document accompanied by a discussion with their healthcare provider, can help patients make an informed decision regarding their treatment options. The video and document are available in both English and French on our website.
We encourage you to take a look and share your feedback with us! 


Implementation Survey

In 2018, ORBCoN asked that all Ontario hospitals with a transfusion service complete a survey to assess practice and policies when managing a massive hemorrhage situation. We invite you to review the results published in Injury here.  

In the coming weeks, we will again be asking Ontario hospitals to complete a repeat survey to assess the implementation status of Ontario’s recommendations for Massive Hemorrhage Protocol (MHP), identify any barriers to implementation, determine possible gaps and assess any improvement in practice. 

In 2018 we had 100% response rate to the baseline survey! Let’s keep the momentum going Ontario, great work is being done with your help to ensure massively hemorrhaging patients receive timely and standardized care to achieve the best possible outcomes. We ask for your cooperation in the completion of this second survey.  

ORBCoN is holding a Fall symposium in Toronto and results of this provincial survey will be presented at this forum.  

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