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Transfusion Medicine Boot Camp for Nurses

2023 Intravenous albumin: giving it for the right reason and the right way

Jeannie Callum, BA, MD, FRCPCKrista Wood, RN, MPA

2023 Anaphylactic Transfusion Reactions

Farzana Tasmin, MBBS, MPH, MLT

2023 Epoetin Alfa The Who, What, When, and Why?

Barbara Last, RN

2023 To Transfuse Or Not To Transfuse For Patients Sickle Cell Disease

Jacob Pendergrast, MD, FRCPCKaren Fleming, CNS, MN, MSHS

2023 Solvent Detergent Plasma: Is this Washed Plasma or …

Donna Berta, RN, BScN

2023 Pre & Post Transfusion Knowledge Questions and Answer with Rationale

2022 RBC Transfusions Historical vs Best Practices

Jacob Pendergrast, MD, FRCPC

2022 Documenting Transfusion Dotting the i’s, Crossing the t’s

Donna Berta, RN, BScN

2022 Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO) Clinical Perspectives

Sarah Hall, RN

2022 Massive Hemorrhage Protocol – Adults

Alison Armstrong, RN, BScN, ENCC