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CBS and ORBCoN Annual Transfusion Medicine Videoconference Symposium

16th Annual TM Education Web Conference

April 14 2021 at 9:00 am – 4:00 pm GAME, SET, MATCH: FINDING BLOOD FOR DIFFICULT TO MATCH PATIENTS CBS/ORBCoN Wet Workshop Review Session CBS/ORBCoN 16th Annual TM Education Webconference

Bleeding Risk Management for Image-Guided Interventions

Dr. Aditi Khandelwal, MDSociété canadienne du sang October 30, 2020

The Role of Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Palliative Care

Dr. Nicolas Chin-Yee, MDPalliative Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital October 30, 2020

Culturally Safe Care for Trans and Non-Binary People: Success, Challenges, and Opportunities

Terrie Foster RN BScN MScN Candidate Dr. Ian Chin-Yee MD FRCP(C) 30 October 2020

Patient Case Studies: Sticky Situations For Platelet Transfusions

Dr. Nicole Laferriere, April 2019

Platelets: From Donor to Bedside; The Production and the Dispensing

Ms. Melanie Tokessy, April 2019

Platelet Transfusion: Back to Basics

Dr. Johnathan Mack, April 2019

Mechanisms of Thrombocytopenia

Dr. Donnie Arnold, April 2019

Anemia in the Bariatric Patient

Ms. Ivy-Lea Lunau, April 2018

Anemia in the Bariatric Surgery Patient

Dr. Elianna Saidenberg, April 2018