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Outils et ressources pour la COVID-19

COVID-19 and Transfusion Medicine

For more information on COVID-19 go to the resource page on Canadian Blood Services Professional Education site

Disinfecting Shipping Containers Used For Redistribution

A general protocol for cleaning/disinfecting shipping containers and shipping materials used for redistribution of blood components and products (May 2020)

Cryoprecipitate and Fibrinogen Concentrates

Information on Fibrinogen Replacement – transitioning to Fibrinogen Concentrate

Fibryga resources

Octapharma toolkit to aid in implementation of fibrinogen concentrate at your hospital.

RiaSTAP resources

Educational resources on RiaSTAP

National Blood Shortage Contingency Planning During a Pandemic: Hospital Transfusion Medicine Laboratory (TML) Checklist and Considerations

Prevent Blood Shortages During COVID19

CWC Blood Conservation Poster