Tools for Safe Blood Administration at the Bedside

As a result of a province wide audit of blood administration at the bedside, tools have been developed to help hospitals improve patient safety at the bedside. These tools are […]

The 8 Rights of Transfusion

This resource highlights 8 important checks for administration of blood to be performed at the bedside. Lanyard cards are available as a quick reference to promote and reinforce the need […]

2018 Ontario Beside Audit of Blood Administration Report

The 2018 Ontario Bedside Audit report provides results from the bedside audit conducted in 2018 with 88 hospital participants. These results were compared to the previous 2011 bedside audit to […]

Bedside Audit Protocol

This protocol template is designed to aid hospitals in developing and implementing the bedside audit at their facility. Revised 2018.

Bedside Audit Form

This audit form is used to complete the required audit questions at the bedside. Revised 2018.

Bedside Audit References

The bedside audit is based on required standards for the administration of blood at the bedside. This list provides the references to the standards that each audit question was based […]

Tips on the Bedside Audit Form

This is a quick reference on how to complete the audit form. Revised 2018.

Blood Administration SOP Template

This document provides a template that hospitals can use to create or build on existing procedures for blood administration to ensure all standards of practice are met.

Bedside Audit Report June 2011

The purpose of this project was to raise the awareness of the importance of performing such audits and how this activity contributes to increased patient safety through improved compliance with […]