2020 Transfusion Medicine Boot Camp for Nurses

TML Basics: ABO, Rh(D) Compatibility; Group & Screen; Crossmatch
Melanie Tokessy, MLT, Regional Discipline Manager for Transfusion Medicine, Tissue Typing/DNA and Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association

RBC, Platelets, Plasma: W5 (Who, What, When, Where, Why) + How
Donna Berta RN BScN, ORBCoN, Nursing Clinical Project Coordinator

Transfusion Reactions: Identifying and Providing Patient Care
Widad Abdulwahab RN BScN MN, Transfusion Safety Nurse, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

What’s New: a Provincial Massive Hemorrhage Protocol
Allison Collins MD FRCPC, ORBCoN, Physician Clinical Project Coordinator