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May 2020

Hospital Blood Component Inventory Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dr. Allison Collins and Wendy Owens ART, BCom Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network   Fortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet resulted in a blood shortage in Canada. However, hospital transfusion services

April 2020

COVID and the Blood Transfusion Laboratory: Five Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) Authors: Christine Cserti-Gazdewich MD, FRCPC and Jacob Pendergrast BA, BSc (Med), MD University Health Network (UHN)   1. CAN IT BE TRANSMITTED BY TRANSFUSION? As with SARS and other coronaviruses,

March 2020

Measles post exposure prophylaxis (PEP): IVIG versus other IG products. Which one should we use? Authors: Dr. Juthaporn Cowan and Dr. Bill Cameron, Infectious Diseases, The Ottawa Hospital   Measles cases occur sporadically throughout Canada. Post exposure prophylactic (PEP) treatment with immunoglobulin (IG) offers protection to susceptible individuals

February 2020

Choosing Wisely at Georgian Bay General Hospital Author: Jessie Clelland, MLT, CQM Charge Technologist/Quality Leader, Georgian Bay General Hospital Laboratory   Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) enrolled in the Choosing Wisely program to take a second look at overuse in

January 2020

An Update: Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System Author: Joanne Duncan, MSc, CCRP, HRM, TTISS- ON Coordinator   Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System (TTISS) is a national hemovigilance system implemented by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to report moderate to

December 2019

Fibrinogen Replacement for Bleeding After Cardiac Surgery: The Results 0f the Canadian FIBRES Trial Author: J. Callum1 , MD and K. Karkouti2 , MD on behalf of the FIBRES Research Group 1 Department of Laboratory Medicine and Molecular Diagnostics, Sunnybrook

November 2019

Code Orange: Simulation to Real Life Authors: D. Neurath, Manager, Transfusion Medicine, EORLA The Ottawa Hospital sites M. Tokessy, Regional Discipline Manager for Transfusion Medicine, Tissue Typing and Molecular Diagnostics On January 11, 2019 in Ottawa, a double decker city

October 2019

Principal Findings in ORBCoN Platelet Utilization Audit Author: Troy Thompson MLT, BAHSc (Hons), Regional Manager, ORBCoN CE Region   Platelet transfusions are used for the treatment or prevention of hemorrhage in patients with deficiency in total numbers and/or function of

September 2019

Should Group A Plasma Be Used in Massive Hemorrhage Protocols Instead of Group AB Plasma? Author: Michelle P. Zeller MD FRCPC MHPE DRCPSC, Assistant Professor; McMaster University, Program Director Transfusion Medicine AFC Diploma; McMaster University, Director Operations, Transfusion Medicine; Hamilton

June 2019

The Second Sample – Blood Group Checks So You Can Catch Some ZZZZs Author: Connie Colavecchia, BSc, MLT, Manager, Transfusion Medicine and Tissue Bank, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre The transfusion of an ABO incompatible red cell is every Blood Banker’s

May 2019

Platelet Inventory Management: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Platelet Outdates Authors: Jeff Kinney, ART, Dr Ziad Solh, MD London Health Sciences Centre The shelf life of platelet products makes it challenging for both blood suppliers and hospitals to manage

April 2019

Transfusion-related Non-conformances Author: Terri Molloy MLT CQA (ASQ), Staff Technologist, IQMH, Centre for Accreditation The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) Centre for Accreditation Medical Laboratory Accreditation Requirements Version 7.1 came into effect in April 2017 and has been

March 2019

Quality Improvement Initiatives and their Effect on Red Blood Cell and Frozen Plasma Utilization Rates Author: Troy Thompson MLT, BAHSc (Hons), Regional Manager, Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network A recent publication in the journal Transfusion1 highlights the wide variation in

February 2019

Fibrinogen Replacement – What is the Latest News? Authors: Wendy Owens, ART B Comm, Program Manager and Allison Collins MD FR CPC, Physician Clinical Project Coordinator, Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network Fibrinogen is used in the management of trauma, surgical

January 2019

Canadian Blood Services’ Hospital Disposition Reporting By: Rob Romans, BSc, ART, Associate Director, Utilization/Account Management, Canadian Blood Services The method of reporting disposition and inventory data to Canadian Blood Services has evolved over the years. Prior to April 2006, a

December 2018

Ontario Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System (TTISS-ON) By: Joanne Duncan, HRM, MSc, CCRP, McMaster Centre for Transfusion Research, Hamilton ON   The Transfusion Transmitted Injuries Surveillance System (TTISS) is a national surveillance and monitoring system for the reporting of adverse

November 2018

Testing Blood Shortage Plans in Ontario Hospitals – 2018 Exercise Highlights. How prepared are we? By: Wendy Owens ART B Comm Program Manager, Allison Collins MD FRCPC Clinical Project Coordinator, Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN) and Vice-Chair and Chair

October 2018

Provincial Platelet Audit – Preliminary Pediatric Results By: Troy Thompson MLT, BAHSc (Hons), Regional Manager, Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN) Central Region A provincial platelet audit was held January to April 2017, with 69 hospitals participating in the audit,

September 2018

Positive Patient Identification and Independent Double Checks: Why are these important in transfusion safety? By: Bev Weaver, TSO, Senior MLT, Kingston Health Sciences Centre The administration of blood and blood components and the management of the transfused patient are complex and

June 2018

On the Road to a Provincial Massive Hemorrhage Protocol (MHP) By: Stephanie Cope, Administrative Project Coordinator, CE ORBCoN All Ontario patients, including those that are massively bleeding, deserve quality, equitable and coordinated care. Previous studies have shown that there is

May 2018

Tackling Ontario Transfusion Quality Improvement Plan Indicator Audits: It May be Easier than You Think! Authors: Danielle Watson, Charge Technologist, Grey Bruce Health Services Lisa Ruston, Director, Quality, Risk and Medical Affairs, Peterborough Regional Health Centre Yulia Lin MD, FRCPC,

April 2018

Platelets: Tips for Inventory Management in Shortages (Platelet TIMS) By: Allison Collins MD FRCPC, ORBCoN Physician Clinical Coordinator As part of the preparation for the upcoming blood shortage simulation exercise in Ontario, a document was prepared to assist hospitals in

March 2018

Transfusion of K negative RBC for Females of Child-bearing Potential Authors: D. Neurath, Manager, Transfusion Medicine, EORLA TOH sites M. Tokessy, Change technologist, Transfusion Medicine, EORLA TOH General campus H. Maddison Medical Technologist, Transfusion Medicine, EORLA TOH General campus N.

February 2018

Blood transfusion camp: filling the gaps in medical education curriculum By: Sasan Zandi, MD, PhD, Hematopathology resident, Laboratory medicine department, University of Toronto Blood transfusion is one of the most commonly prescribed procedures by many disciplines in medicine and yet

January 2018

Physician Engagement: Discovering a Common Purpose By: Stephanie Cope, Administrative Project Coordinator, ORBCoN CE Region All healthcare professionals, regardless of their role or expertise have the same purpose, ensuring the best possible care for ‘their’ patients. In order to ensure

December 2017

Surgery, Blood Transfusion and the Jehovah's Witness Patient By: John Freedman, MD FRCPC, Professor Emeritus, Medicine, University of Toronto, St Michael's Hospital For Jehovah’s Witness (JW) the ban on allogeneic blood has been official church doctrine since 1945, and whole

November 2017

Transfusing Wisely at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital By: Tina Irwin, Charge Technologist, Transfusion Medicine, Scarborough and Rouge Hospital Choosing Wisely initiatives are necessary to improve utilization of blood products, to minimize the patient risks associated with transfusion and decrease the

October 2017

Testing the Triage Team – The New Brunswick Experience By: Anne Marie Robinson, Transfusion Medicine Supervisor, South East RHA, Horizons New Brunswick February 16-19, 2016, the Provincial Emergency Blood Management Committee (PEBMC), Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and the Regional Health

September 2017

Provincial Redistribution Update: Change is afoot! By: Tracy Cameron, Regional Project Coordinator, ORBCoN With the growing anticipation of Canadian Blood Services (CBS) implementation of new insulated shipping containers (ICSs), Ontario hospitals are getting ready for a big change in how

June 2017 Newsletter

How do we interpret the “60 minute” rule? By: Yulia Lin, MD, FRCPC, Transfusion Medicine Specialist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Six years ago, I wrote an article for the ORBCON newsletter entitled “How do we interpret the 30 minute rule?”

May 2017 Newsletter

Educational Videoconference Symposium: Another Great Success  By: Tracy Cameron, ORBCoN Project Coordinator, NE Ontario   Since 2007, a partnership has existed between Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and the Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN) to plan, co-chair, provide funding for, and execute

April 2017 Newsletter

Transfusion Quality Improvement: One Hospital’s Story  By: Krista Walters, Charge Technologist, Mary Green, Laboratory Manager Niagara Health System (NHS) and Denise Evanovitch, ORBCoN Regional Manager, SW Ontario   Niagara Health System (NHS) consists of five community hospitals: Douglas Memorial in Fort Erie,

March 2017 Newsletter

The ORBCoN Report Newsletter: Introduction to New Format  By: Denise Evanovitch, ORBCoN Regional Manager, SW Ontario As the world of technology evolves, ORBCoN endeavours to change with it. In the early days of ORBCoN, we issued a paper-based newsletter twice a

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