Author: egreening

November 2019

Code Orange: Simulation to Real Life Authors: D. Neurath, Manager, Transfusion Medicine, EORLA The Ottawa Hospital sites M. Tokessy, Regional Discipline Manager for Transfusion Medicine, Tissue Typing and Molecular Diagnostics On January 11, 2019 in Ottawa, a double decker city

October 2019

Principal Findings in ORBCoN Platelet Utilization Audit Author: Troy Thompson MLT, BAHSc (Hons), Regional Manager, ORBCoN CE Region   Platelet transfusions are used for the treatment or prevention of hemorrhage in patients with deficiency in total numbers and/or function of

September 2019

Should Group A Plasma Be Used in Massive Hemorrhage Protocols Instead of Group AB Plasma? Author: Michelle P. Zeller MD FRCPC MHPE DRCPSC, Assistant Professor; McMaster University, Program Director Transfusion Medicine AFC Diploma; McMaster University, Director Operations, Transfusion Medicine; Hamilton

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