TTISS-ON Reaction Reporting

Who do I Report a Transfusion Reaction to? 

All transfusions reactions can be reported TTISS-ON, printed off and faxed/emailed to other regulatory blood agencies as an initial report; Canadian Blood Services Canada Vigilance Program, Health Canada or Marketed Products, and/or the Manufacturer of Plasma Derivatives.  To find out who to report the reaction to, answer these few easy questions (link to


All transfusions reactions can submitted to TTISS-ON using the on line electronic Canadian Transfusion Adverse Event Reporting Form (CTAERF) (link or using the paper copy (link and faxed to Ontario TTISS Office 
TTISS Office Fax: 905-524-2983


To obtain a login and password to enter transfusion reactions register here (link to

Visit the TTISS-ON website (link this to for more information.