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Inventory Calculator for Red Cells

This tool will aid in calculating a broad estimate of the suggested inventory stock levels of Red Blood Cells.

Inventory Calculator for Platelets

This tool will serve as a broad estimate of the suggested levels if stock is held on site.

Inventory Calculator for Red Cells

A tool for hospitals to use to perform a very quick and rough estimate of what their ideal inventory may be. By entering your annual number of red cell units transfused (for the most current year), an estimate of average daily use will be calculated by the formula locked into the table.

Inventory Calculator for Platelets

A tool to calculate the estimate of the number of platelets used, on average, daily. This is helpful for sites that find it useful to hold platelet inventory on site and estimate the number of platelet doses to keep on hand. Platelet usage can vary quite a bit, therefore, this tool is only constructed to […]

BMI/Dose Calculator

An ideal body weight calculator allowing for calculation of appropriately adjusted doses of IVIG for obese patients. Version 3, January 31, 2018


A mobile friendly application that includes the 2018 Ontario IG Utilization Management Guidelines, an Ideal Body Weight Calculator and a BMI calculator.

Immune Globulin Toolkit for Ontario

This toolkit offers a number of key items to help hospital transfusion services manage IG. Included are the Ontario 2018 utilization management guidelines; the Ontario MOHLTC IG request forms; a standard infusion guideline; a dose calculator tool and an outpatient fact sheet; and tools to help patients travelling with IG. Version 3.0