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February 2018

Blood transfusion camp: filling the gaps in medical education curriculum By: Sasan Zandi, MD, PhD, Hematopathology resident, Laboratory medicine department, University of Toronto Blood transfusion is one of the most commonly prescribed procedures by many disciplines in medicine and yet

January 2018

Physician Engagement: Discovering a Common Purpose By: Stephanie Cope, Administrative Project Coordinator, ORBCoN CE Region All healthcare professionals, regardless of their role or expertise have the same purpose, ensuring the best possible care for ‘their’ patients. In order to ensure

December 2017

Surgery, Blood Transfusion and the Jehovah's Witness Patient By: John Freedman, MD FRCPC, Professor Emeritus, Medicine, University of Toronto, St Michael's Hospital For Jehovah’s Witness (JW) the ban on allogeneic blood has been official church doctrine since 1945, and whole

November 2017

Transfusing Wisely at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital By: Tina Irwin, Charge Technologist, Transfusion Medicine, Scarborough and Rouge Hospital Choosing Wisely initiatives are necessary to improve utilization of blood products, to minimize the patient risks associated with transfusion and decrease the

October 2017

Testing the Triage Team – The New Brunswick Experience By: Anne Marie Robinson, Transfusion Medicine Supervisor, South East RHA, Horizons New Brunswick February 16-19, 2016, the Provincial Emergency Blood Management Committee (PEBMC), Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and the Regional Health

September 2017

Provincial Redistribution Update: Change is afoot! By: Tracy Cameron, Regional Project Coordinator, ORBCoN With the growing anticipation of Canadian Blood Services (CBS) implementation of new insulated shipping containers (ICSs), Ontario hospitals are getting ready for a big change in how

June 2017 Newsletter

How do we interpret the “60 minute” rule? By: Yulia Lin, MD, FRCPC, Transfusion Medicine Specialist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Six years ago, I wrote an article for the ORBCON newsletter entitled “How do we interpret the 30 minute rule?”

May 2017 Newsletter

Educational Videoconference Symposium: Another Great Success  By: Tracy Cameron, ORBCoN Project Coordinator, NE Ontario   Since 2007, a partnership has existed between Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and the Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN) to plan, co-chair, provide funding for, and execute

April 2017 Newsletter

Transfusion Quality Improvement: One Hospital’s Story  By: Krista Walters, Charge Technologist, Mary Green, Laboratory Manager Niagara Health System (NHS) and Denise Evanovitch, ORBCoN Regional Manager, SW Ontario   Niagara Health System (NHS) consists of five community hospitals: Douglas Memorial in Fort Erie,

March 2017 Newsletter

The ORBCoN Report Newsletter: Introduction to New Format  By: Denise Evanovitch, ORBCoN Regional Manager, SW Ontario As the world of technology evolves, ORBCoN endeavours to change with it. In the early days of ORBCoN, we issued a paper-based newsletter twice a