Ontario Blood Advisory Committee (OBAC) was established in 2006 to serve as a broad-based external advisory group to the PATB on blood system issues. Membership is representative of the various regions in Ontario and multiple disciplines within transfusion medicine (i.e. Anesthesiology, Transfusion Specialists, Hematology, Laboratory Services, Nursing and Consumers).


OBAC is mandated to provide evidence-based advice, assist with prioritization of blood related issues and setting the strategic direction for the provincial blood program; and to recommend and support implementation of effective strategies to address issues. The PATB serves as the secretariat for OBAC.


Members include:

Representation Name
Anesthesiology Dr. Daniel Bainbridge
Hematology, Tertiary Transfusion

Medicine Director, National Advisory

Committee on Blood and Blood Products (NAC)

Dr. Katerina Pavenski
National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products (NAC) Dr. Alan Tinmouth
Canadian Blood Services (CBS) Mr. Robert Romans
Hematopathology Dr. Lois Shepherd
Transfusion Specialist Ms. Doris Neurath
Patient Mr. Tom Alloway
Pathology Dr. Allison Collins
Critical Care Dr. Bram Rochwerg
ONTraC Steering Committee & Nurse – Patient Blood Management Ms. Mary Lynn Hall
ONTraC, Hematology – Patient Blood Management Dr. John Freedman
ONTraC Ms. Alanna Howell
ORBCoN Regional Managers, Annual Rotation Ms. Wendy Owens,

Mr. Troy Thompson,

Ms. Denise Evanovitch

ORBCoN Sponsors, Annual Rotation Dr. Donnie Arnold,

Dr. Antonio Giulivi,

Dr. Jeannie Callum

PATB, ex officio Ms. Olive Collaco
PATB, ex offcio Ms. Sophie Yang